Nigerians Blast Aisha Buhari On Twitter Over Prayer Request For Daughter Ahead Of Her Wedding, Tell Her To Ensure Super Falcons Are Paid Before Zahra’s Wedding

Some Nigerians on the social media have lambasted wife of President Muhammadu Buhari, Aisha for asking them to pray for her daughter, Zahra Buhari ahead of her wedding.

She made this known on twitter @Aishambuhari on Thursday morning alongside a pre-wedding photo of the couple, despite presidency’s claim of secrecy.

Twitter users did not, however, find it funny, asking her to ensure Super Falcons are paid their allowances before making such a request.

See some reactions below…

felix4jesus: “@aishambuhari why do u need our prayers when we are suffering,how does a hungry man pray,or a man that shed tears everyday!we are sad!

@Eloka51: “Tell your hubby to #PayFalcons before the wedding. Those girls are people’s daughters too. Thanks

@Askforken: “@aishambuhari Well good for you people. Most of us will be praying for better governance and a better economy.

‏@nelojiboboe: “@aishambuhari Happy married life to the couple but you should tone it down, people are suffering. Not a good time to show off.

‏@EBWESTLOS: “@aishambuhari do you really have to ask for prayers?frankly,this is unnecessary.keep it under your roof madam 1st lady please

‏@captbolufola: “@aishambuhari ur family shld be fast bout d epileptic governance and pls opt out for a beta naija…clueless fam

‏@Bunza01Bz: “@aishambuhari Congrats! Remember we are in recession time try to do something

‏@rabsGilima: “@aishambuhari hmmm I will pray for U Anty Aisha, but I can never forget 5 of my brothers killed by Ur Husband in Zaria MASSACRE…

‏@ubaka_isreal: “@aishambuhari our prayers now is to ask God to put an end to this hardship called government that has befall our nation not for ur wedding.

‏@mcahmedy: “@aishambuhari prayers for your rich daughter and son-in-law? Please I’d rather pray to get a job!

@larabskid: “@aishambuhari feed the hungry, you get them prayer’s, since Morning I never chop, how I go take pray for una now.


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BREAKING: Senate rejects Magu as EFCC chairman

The Nigerian Senate has rejected the nomination of Ibrahim Magu as Chairman of anti-graft agency, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).
The lawmakers said they could not okay President Muhammadu Buhari’s nomination of Mr. Magu based on security report available to them.

The spokesperson for the upper legislative chamber, Aliyu Abdullahi, revealed this Thursday afternoon after the Senators emerged from a closed-door meeting where Mr. Magu’s confirmation was discussed.
“The Senate wishes to inform the public that based on available security report, the Senate cannot proceed with the confirmation of Ibrahim Magu as Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.
“The nomination of Ibrahim Magu is hereby rejected and has been returned to the President for further action,” Mr. Abdullahi said.
The Senate had slated today, Thursday, to screen Mr. Magu, who has been acting as EFCC Chairman in the past one year.
The Presidency had since July requested the Senate to confirm Mr. Magu.
The request was made through a letter signed by Vice-president Yemi Osinbajo in his capacity as acting president when Mr. Buhari travelled abroad for medical treatment.

But the upper chamber failed to act.
The Senate President, Bukola Saraki, read the vice-president’s letter on July 14.
But the red chamber then failed to schedule a confirmation hearing fueling suspicions that some corrupt Senators bent on blocking Mr. Magu from the position.
Following widespread pressure from Nigerians, the lawmakers fixed December 8 for the session. But that also failed to materialise. It was then rescheduled for today, Thursday.
More to come…

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Trouble As Yoruba King Is Accused Of Locking Up Woman & Her In Ogun State For Fencing Her House Against A Tree Deity Worshipped In His Kingdom

A Yoruba king in the southwestern Nigerian state of Ogun Oba Fatai Akorede Akamo of Itoriland has been accused of locking up a woman and her son with the aid of the Nigerian Police because she dared to fence her house cutting off a tree worshipped in the town. This was narrated in a message to Abiyamo, it read:

Abiyamo abeg help me post this o as anonymous A king in Itori Land Oba fatai Akorede Akamo has started again o he arrested a woman becos she decided to build a fence round the property she has since their is a deity in front of the house which belongs to the town cos people no want rent the house cos of the deity she arrested the woman locked her in the police station ewekoro local government division the police refused to release the woman and her son on bail they had to sleep at the station till this morning without any offence and went ahead to lock her shop where she sells drinks in wholesales till now looking for whole will beg him the woman was just released today will send the picture and video of the boy the king sent some people to beat thinking he is one of the woman s son who happen to be her friends son and wound one of the woman’s son in the hand will send the picture to you shortly and the video of where he went to lock the woman’s shop
Picture of the building that’s the deity in front of it see the gap in between the deity and the foundation of the fence
Will send the video where he went to lock the woman’s shop
This is the clear picture of the deity
Will send the video shortly of where he went with guys to lock up her shop it has not been opened till now. Where he sent some people to lock the woman’s shop that has been in d town for 28 years.

See the photos and video below:








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14th of January 2017 Confirmed As The Official Burial Date Of MMM Ponzi Scheme In Nigeria

Nigerians will never stop to amaze me this MMM scenerio further more illustrates the saying that Common Sense is not actually Common.

Since MMM Nigeria froze its users’ accounts According to many MMM Crusaders online have come to its defense according to many of them they are so blindly and dont want to accept the facts even when it is staring at them eye ball to eye so many of them say this “This Christmas period everyone would want to GH (Get Help Aka Collect their Money) and that won’t be good for the system, so this freezing will control the rate of GH and make it orderly”.

Well sorry to burst your bubble because this logic is a completely failed logic Its dead on Arrival.

Firstly it defiles MMM Nigeria’s own Principle; Put N100k and get 30% of your money in 30days (They never informed their Participants about any type of extra 30days Compulsory wait period)

Secondly They have failed all their Participants woefully i personally know people who stategically put in money last month Just because of Christmas and New year Celebrations and have already planned out how they are going to use this money. some where so confident in MMM they even borrowed money and made promises based on their trust in MMM.

Thirdly We all know that January is a time in Nigeria where we all have just spent alot of money during the festive period and not only that we now have house, rent school fees and many other expenses to renew at this time, as a matter of facts many Nigerians share the ideology that January is the Hardest Period in Nigeria abeg tell me where then does MMM expect people to then get “Spare Money” to pump into their system??????

Not only that, take for example lets assume that they are 3million mmm Participants and 2.5million of them where requesting to GH(Collect Their Money) this december, and only 500k where available to PH(Give them Money), lets assume this was why the system had to be frozen because the equation was uneven, now explain to me exactly where MMM will get the remaining 2million people that will have “Spare Money” to pump into their system??????

They say jan 14th is the day accounts will be Unfozen but i say this is the official burial date off MMM, Beacause even if on January 14th 2017 MMM unfreezes their Participants accounts do you think more people will want to join such system that can freeze your accounts without any Prior warning at anytime? who knows maybe the next time they will freeze accounts it will be for 3months, They have used their own hands to destroy their Credibility.

The funny thing is this i take my last statement back, MMM has not lost its Credibility as a matter of facts they did not do anything wrong and you will be shocked to know that i dont even say this Sarcastically;

Now take for example MMM Alerted Nigerians about this 30days Freeze do you know that it would not have made any single difference?? How You May Ask Right???

Lets take for example on the first of october MMM Announces that on the 1st of december the system is going to be frozen Okay sounds like a genius idea right??? now people who paid in money october will be paid by people who put in money November now who will pay those November People???? We will still have this exact same scenario where some group of persons will have their money trapped inside the system, A Word they say is enough for the wise MMM is going to crash one day and the last set of people aka let us call them “November People” will loose out big time. Article By Somto Monanu

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Three Million Nigerians In Serious Fear & Panic As Ponzi Scheme MMM Shuts Down Their Accounts

About three million Nigerians who are participants of the MMM Ponzi scheme are in panic over the loss of their investments as the scheme froze accounts, making it impossible for members to withdraw their money.

In the early hours of Tuesday participants woke up to the shock of a one month “freezing’’ on all accounts of participants to avoid an eventual collapse.

Displayed on the pages of participants of the scheme, its founder, Sergey Marvodi explained that the reason for the measure was to ensure the sustainability of the scheme in the New Year and make it better.

He said that the money of participants would continue to grow in the platform along with their bonuses which they would be able to cash out as from Jan. 13, 2017.
He explained that most participants would want to cash out their money for the festive period and that would lead to a breakdown of the system as it is a mutual aid community of individuals helping individuals.

He added that it was also a way of ensuring the sustainability of the scheme which has been under a lot of attack from the Federal Government and the media of its collapse in December.

Marvodi however urged participants not to panic as the measure in place would only make the platform stronger with better strategies to be put in place as from January.

Marvodi had written an open letter to the Federal Government explaining that the scheme was not a scam but has brought a lot of benefits to its citizens.

The Security and Exchange Commission, the Central Bank of Nigeria, and economic analysts warned Nigerians about the scheme.

The government agencies warned that the same way the scheme has enriched some people, it would throw some into poverty.

Some participants have expressed their disappointments on the measure as they explained that the same measure being put for the sustainability of the scheme would lead to its eventual collapse.

Mr Gabriel Okafor said that he has lost trust in the scheme and he would not put in any other money into it in January.

Recounting his loss, he said he actually participated with his spare money as it was clearly warned on the platform.

MMM Ponzi scheme website was launched in Nigeria in November 2015. (NAN)

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Three Arraigned For Attempting To Set Co-Tenant On Fire Over Morning Prayers In Lagos

Three tenants who allegedly assaulted their co-tenant, one Paul Simon, were on Tuesday charged before an Ikeja Magistrates’ Court in Lagos.

The accused, Emmanuel Adeyemi, 24; Omotayo Abiodun, 21; and Gloria Lawrence, 32, reside at No. 14, Akinola St., Aguda, Ogba, Lagos State, are facing two-count of conspiracy and assault.

The accused conspired and beat the complainant, tore his clothes and stripped him naked.

The accused also attempted to set the complainant ablaze.

The Prosecutor, Sgt. Babaji Ishaku, told the court that the accused committed the offences at their residence on November 29 at about 3.30 a.m.

He said, “The complainant claimed that while he was doing his early morning prayers in the compound, the accused suddenly gathered around him and started abusing him.

“They rained curses on him and before he could explain himself, they beat and injured him.

“The accused claimed that the complainant was a ritualist who usually come out in the early hours of the morning wearing red garment.

“The accused, who wanted to set the complainant ablaze, were stopped by the prompt arrival of policemen.”

The offences contravened Sections 170 and 409 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2011.

Section 170 prescribes a three-year jail term for offenders.

The accused, however, pleaded not guilty to the charge.

The Magistrate, Mr J.A. Adegun, granted the accused bail in the sum of N20, 000 each with one surety each in like sum and adjourned the case till December 17 for mention.


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How Come TB Joshua Did Not See The Impending Doom Of MMM Freezing Or He Did Not See That One Too?

TB Joshua is a self-styled prophet in Nigeria who claims God shows him everything, from the results of the presidential elections in the United States to how to cure diseases like cancer and HIV. But the biggest upset in Nigerian cyberspace right now, the freezing of the MMM Ponzi scheme which has affected millions of Nigerians. TB Joshua did not see it, but why? Apart from TB Joshua, how come none of the one billion prophets in Nigeria saw it coming so they could warn their sheep or is it flock they call their congregation members?

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Pastor Ernest Chigozie Mbanefo Unmasked As Owner of MMM Nigeria That Has Just Trapped Money Of Countless Nigerians

Ernest Chigozie Mbanefo, a self-styled Nigerian pastor, is the mastermind of the suspected Ponzi scheme known as MMM Nigeria.
Mbanefo’s domain, which is one of the multiple MMM sites in Nigeria, is ranked by as the 78th most visited Nigerian website.
MMM Global, on the other hand, is more popular in Nigeria than Facebook, Nairaland and Bet9ja. The site, which ranks fifth on Alexa, is behind,,,
According to an online report quoted by NAN, Mbanefo is based in South Africa.
Nigerian Communications Week said Mbanefo registered the site, domain, on June 7, 2016 at about 5pm Nigerian time.
NCW quoting Pageone report written back in September said Mbanefo made a single-year domain payment. The domain will expire on June 7, 2017.
It was also revealed that MMM Nigeria is not part of MMM Global – a Russian company that was responsible for one of the world’s largest Ponzi schemes in the 1990s.
MMM Global was founded by Russian politician Sergei Mavrodi, his brother Vyacheslav Mavrodi and Olga Melnikova.
The name of the company was taken from the first letters of the three founders’ surnames (MMM)
But like MMM Global, the Nigerian scheme is also a pyramid marketing scheme where an investor gets a 30 per cent return on investment.
Around the world, MMM is feared.
In January 2016, the Chinese government banned MMM on the grounds that it is a pyramid scheme (Ponzi scheme), and it is not registered in the country (and as a fraudulent scheme cannot be registered).
MMM recently crashed in Zimbabwe: Thousands of ‘Mavrodians’ in Zimbabwe were left in tears when the scheme crashed, losing tens of thousands of their lifetime savings.
PageOne gave Mbanefo’s address as 1 Royal Street, Lindberg Park, Johannesburg, South Africa.
According to Page One, Ernest was awarded a certificate of completion of an online course titled ‘MMM Guiders School’ on July 15. The certificate was supposedly signed by Sergei Mavrodi himself. He has since given himself the nickname the ‘Super Guider of MMM’.
To share news and information about MMM, Ernest also operates a subdomain ‘ The site praises him and projects him as the leader of the Ponzi Scheme in Nigeria.
“He is described thus: MMM Nigeria Super Guider; Pastor Ernest Mbanefo, has been selflessly helping thousands of MMM Nigeria participants whether or not they fall under his downline structure.
“The brain behind the MMM Nigeria revolution operation has been working selflessly and tirelessly towards the education, information and proper guidance for the MMM Nigeria Community.” -THE CABLE

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Meet Nigeria's New Bleaching King, The UNILORIN Graduate Set To Overthrow Bobrisky, I Am Only Toning My Unclean Skin & Not Bleaching He Says

Akinwale Abayomi Kukoyi is a graduate of the University of Ilorin and he has stormed the Nigerian cyberspace like a real tornado. The radical transformation of his skin colour has left many dazed but he seems unfazed as he insists it is not bleaching and he is deliberately doing so to improve his personality and business. He is determined to conquer the social space and promote his brand which will set him against the reigning king of bleaching in Nigeria, Idris Okuneye Olanrewaju aka Bobrisky. Mr. Kukoyi wrote on his page:

Please find attached photos for your perusal. The New Me! -#NoFilters- you asked for more pictures @Hafiz abdulrauf @Olajide Victoria and @ Asuzu johnpaul macfred Mugabe
My new looks have refined the way people see me, I did this to bring a synergy between my looks and personality better put I want my looks to strengthen my personality. One of the permanent things in life is change, changing to whatsoever thing that suits you at any point in time, am putting up on article to be published on Facebook titled -I just wanna look clean discussing the difference between bleaching and toning; how it relates to Africa.
You might as well consider toning but ensure you visit a cosmetic dermatologist for a full skin analysis and profiling, it took me a year to get my desired texture, natural glow and appearance that’s typical of toning.
A lot has transpired check my profile pictures for comments.
Accept the new me!
PINK LIPS, Next on my mind you all gonna love it, stay glued.
Just toning up, you might as well consider clearing/toning which ever word pleases you but bleaching, NAH.
No, am not bleaching What you’ve seen is a tonning effect that took me almost a year to look that clean, but if it’s bleaching it takes only 7 days or a month @ max to turn light/white and the outcome would be very rough and not fresh, smooth and glowing as you can see above. So the difference is clear between tonning and Bleaching. You can also consider toning up .
Am sure my holy book(bible) did not condemn looking good as illicit,immoral or Sinful, Am an entrepreneur, it impacted my finance positively i meet new people on daily basis for one dealings or the other, my new looks over the years have refined the way people see me, am doing this to bring a synergy between my looks and personality; In other words i want my looks to strengthen my personality
If you may excuse me, my infant picture showed me i wasn’t born black or tanned as with many people, but why growing up i became tanned or black because of my countries location on the equator line, and in my mums womb the sun rays or harsh weather or chemicals didn’t get to me, if i was born in temperate region there will be no point saying this.

See more photos below:












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