Nigerians Will Become Poorer With Rising Oil Prices Says Henry Boyo

The price of crude oil has steadily increased beyond $50/barrel after OPEC agreed to cut output by about 1.2 million barrels/day in November 2016. Nigeria’s export revenue prospects will consequently be boosted, if this price trend is sustained, particularly if the youth restiveness in the Niger Delta is minimised. However, much against popular expectation, the more bountiful the export dollars, the bigger also will be our economic headache!

President Muhammadu Buhari must be disturbed that the naira exchange rate has suffered so poorly under his watch, particularly after he promised parity between the naira and dollar, if he won the election. Unfortunately, the worst has yet to come, because, if crude oil price further rises while output remains favourable, the dollar will paradoxically spike well above N500=$1 and may approach N1000=$1 before December 2017! Any attempt to bridge the widening gap between official and parallel market exchange rates will devalue the naira and trigger a steep rise in fuel price to shoot inflation well beyond 20 per cent and make Nigerians poorer still.

Advisedly, patriotic Nigerians should alert Mr. President that his legacy will be characterised by mass poverty if he remains in denial of this reality. Hereafter, an interview format will be adopted to explain the chain of cause and effect that will induce the horrifying realities foretold above.

Why are you so pessimistic and why should increasing dollar revenue make Nigerians poorer? Isn’t this a contradiction?

Yes, it will indeed seem a contradiction for a weaker naira and deepening poverty to be products of increasing dollar revenue, but interestingly, this has been our economic experience lately. For example, Nigerians became listed amongst the world’s poorest, despite the stupendous income from oil for several decades. Ironically, in retrospect, when crude oil prices hovered about $10/barrel, N1 exchanged for about $2.

Conversely, when crude oil prices bounced beyond $140/barrel and output remained at over two million barrels/day, with well over $50bn as reserves, the naira inexplicably exchanged for over N150=$1! Consequently, Nigerians have to work 300 times harder, just to earn $1, particularly when income levels rise more slowly, despite our buoyant reserves. It is therefore evident that deepening poverty nationwide, unfortunately, correlates with increasing dollar income! So, my perspective is not pessimistic but is actually a logical deduction.

So, are you suggesting that the economy will do better with smaller export revenue from oil?

Unfortunately, in view of our national experience, it’s a case of heads you lose, and tails, you also lose, as the present lower oil price and revenue is also promoting severe hardship everywhere.

So, why does oil revenue instigate this economic dilemma?

Ans: The oil revenue is not the problem; the primary cause of the oppressive dilemma is the distortional process the Central Bank of Nigeria adopts for infusing the dollar revenue into the domestic money market to drive economic growth.

So, how is the dollar revenue infused into the system presently?

Inexplicably, revenue allocations are all denominated in naira, even though dollar revenue, from crude, generally contributes the lion’s share. The question therefore is, what happens to the dollars held back by the CBN after substitution with naira and how is the exchange rate determined for the naira shared as allocations?

How does naira substitution and the applied exchange rate distort inclusive economic growth?

The fear of an unrestrained inflationary spiral is the first lesson in economic management everywhere. The CBN is constitutionally empowered to keep inflation at best practice levels, usually below two per cent, so that income values and consumer demand will be favourably sustained. However, the main driver of spiralling inflation is undeniably excess money, (in this case, excess naira supply). Instructively, money supply inadvertently expands every time the CBN unilaterally substitutes naira allocations for dollar denominated revenue. Thus, the higher the dollar revenue, the greater will be naira supply and the greater also will be the serious threat of unbridled inflation wrecking the economy!

The popular perception is that the CBN adopts the open market rate for the naira it substitutes for dollar allocations. This may indeed be so, but the same CBN is guilty of consciously manipulating the exchange rate mechanism to favour the dollar rather than naira, for which it is both custodian and guardian.

How does this happen?

Well, by directly substituting naira allocations, the CBN immediately assumes ownership of billions of dollars. Historically, the so-called dollar “reserves” have unfortunately been serially abused by the CBN itself and incumbent presidents. Nonetheless, the perverse argument is that once constitutional beneficiaries accepted naira allocations for their share of dollar revenue, they cannot turn around to also lay claim to the billions of dollars withheld by the CBN, as this would be akin to having your cake and eating it! However, if the tiers of government subsequently require dollars for any legitimate purpose, it is regrettable that they have to buy back such dollars from commercial banks, at a rate that may be higher than the earlier rate adopted by the CBN for substituting naira allocations.

So, how is the dollar rate presently determined?

Well, the present price mechanism appears regrettably skewed against the naira, as the CBN proceeds to AUCTION rations of the same dollars, earlier withheld, in a money market that it has unwittingly already suffocated by the bloated naira allocations paid to government every month. In practice, any item auctioned, will sell for higher prices. Consequently, the CBN’s subsequent auctions of dollar rations, in a naira surfeit market, obviously spells perpetual doom for the naira exchange rate and inadvertently also, distressingly fires the inflation rate.

Thus, the more bountiful the CBN’s withheld “dollar reserves” become, the greater also will be the threat from excess naira supply and spiralling inflation and the more urgent therefore will be the need to introduce restrictive policy measures to hold back inflation.

So, what measures are taken by the CBN to restrain spiralling inflation?

As I said, the presence of excess money supply is the major driver of inflation, so the CBN is invariably compelled to reduce consumer access to the excess naira supply, by increasing the mandatory Cash Reserve Requirement for banks and raising the interest rate commercial banks pay, whenever they borrow from the CBN to cover their temporary cash short falls. Expectedly, these banks will in turn, make lending more expensive to their customers by charging higher interest rates for loans advanced. This reflex action inevitably constitutes an obstacle to inclusive economic growth, and industrial competitiveness and clearly challenges the drive for import substitution.

So, what is the way out?

The CBN should adopt dollar certificates for paying allocations of dollar denominated revenues, rather than unilaterally substituting naira allocations which precipitate excess liquidity.

Is it not possible that issuance of dollar certificates to states and the MDAs will facilitate capital flight?

No, it won’t, because the beneficiaries cannot collect dollar cash; they can only collect the naira equivalent of their certificates from commercial banks at the prevailing market exchange rate. The dollars will always remain in the domiciliary accounts of public sector beneficiaries with the CBN, who will then directly act on the instruction of any bank, which purchased the dollar certificates from the original beneficiaries, to make onward payments for authorised imports on behalf of customers. Similarly, for their imports, government beneficiaries of dollar allocations will submit attested invoices for officially valid transactions, through their banks, for the CBN to debit their domiciliary accounts and settle their invoices with respective overseas suppliers directly.

Consequently, with this arrangement, there is little or no room for round-tripping and forex hoarding, unless the CBN management also compromises itself. -HENRY BOYO

MMM Nigeria Is Gone, See The Moving Note This Nigerian Wrote To All MMM Participants aka Mavrodians

Anebi Matthew took to his page and wrote:
MMM Nigeria is gone!!!
Before you come for my head, take this random survey and do the maths yourself!
Ask any participant the first thing they’ll do if by chance it come back alive in January?
There are two categories of people involved, those that just got help or those that just helped. Those that just got help are rejoicing right now, a serious jubilation, though they might be haunted by those that provided the help with calls. Those that just helped are now seriously planning on getting help and their money back once its back in January. Meaning, an estimate of over 90% participants will be requesting to get help once they’re back in January.
Now ask yourself, who will provide the help? can you?
The bitter truth is, Nigerians are very calculative and not much people will be willing to take the risk never again. Or maybe they will, if it could survive the first few months. I just wonder how it will when everyone will be very reluctant to pay others.
Then what happens? It crashes the moment it returns.
Another question then is, will it ever return?
The administrators are wise too, they already saw what’s coming, not much participant are joining and a larger percentage of participants are trying to get help for the yuletide season. This will get to a peak when the season finally arrives and crash is imminent. I know a lot of friends that already saw this coming and went on break with the hope of continuing after the festivities are over and things are still running well. Rather than allow it crash woefully by December 20+, they might have just wittingly packed up.
Maybe you haven’t heard, experts predict famine in Nigeria by January meaning the recession will get really real then.
Sum it all up and you’ll agree with me MMM Nigeria is either gone or coming back to say goodbye.
Congratulations to those that have got a little cash from the scheme, don’t be a fool thinking you’re rich already sha!!!
Congratulations to my group of people that never joined, they’ll still mock us but we should be fine by it, we’ve learnt a lesson or two from them. Moreover, now you’ve got a point to prove over them (?you know now, the _sebi I told you things_, _olohun mu o_)
Congratulations to those that got the Ramos goal by just getting help before this happening.
Congratulations to those that just registered but are yet to make any monetary allegiance.
Well, finally, congratulations also to everyone that might lose a penny or two in the scheme, shit happens. I want to believe you have always been aware of the risk involved tele naa.
A moment of silent for all the thousands that will be going down the drain. Not to worry, they’re not lost, just changed hands. Someone will be feasting with it this Christmas, they’ll pray for you.
??Anebi Matthew

MMM Nigeria: 'I Am Doomed; I Need My Money Back...' Tears & Wailings Trail Crash Of Ponzi Scheme

Tears and wailing on Tuesday as Mavrodians wake up to the gory news of MMM Nigeria, the Ponzi Scheme freezing all money in its system till next year.

This single act, many participants believed may be the end of the Ponzi scheme system which the Central Bank of Nigeria has already cautioned the over 2 million participants to be wary of.

When[url] NEWSHELM.COM[/url] contacted the Customer Unit of the Scheme…. no one seems available to answer queries and several requests on the decision and suspension of withdrawals from the system til January, 2017.

Here are some reactions from the MMM community and what hope lies for them in the Ponzi system this festive season:



Real Shock And Panic Among Nigerians As MMM Announces No Withdrawal Of Money By Members For One Month

This message appears on every participant of MMM as they log into their PO

One-Month Freezing of Confirmed Mavros

Dear members!




As usual, in the New Year season the System is experiencing heavy workload. Moreover, it has to deal with the constant frenzy provoked by the authorities in the mass media. The things are still going well; the participants feel calm; everyone gets paid – as you can see, there haven’t been any payment delays or other problems yet – but!.. it is better to avoid taking risk.:-)) (Moreover, there are almost three weeks left to the New Year.)

Hence, on the basis of the above mentioned, from now on all confirmed Mavro will be frozen for a month.

The reason for this measure is evident. We need to prevent any problems during the New Year season, and then, when everything calms down, this measure will be cancelled. (Which we will definitely do.:-))

We hope for your understanding,

Mavros are the unit of pseudo-currency used by participants. (Mavro is shown below in the MMM Android app)
Mavro, while in the system, grows at a rate of 30%.

A confirmed Mavro refers to a pledged amount (Provide Help) that has been redeemed (Paid to another participant).
Frozen Mavro is not an alien term in the Mavrodian (what Participants of MMM fondly call themselves) circle. Mavros after being confirmed stay frozen for certain period of time, until it’s release date (usually less than 3 weeks).

In a recent Christmas promo launched by the website, additional 20% accrued bonus was added to all who made pledges, this led a lot of faithful Mavrodians to make pledges. They were mostly matched to pay their pledge faster than usual.

It is unclear if during this mandatory 30days of being frozen, whether frozen Mavro will grow.

All things being equal, some of the implications of this would include:

1. No participant can get help (withdraw the already paid money) until January 12th 2017.
2. Due to number 1 above, no participant can Provide Help (pay money) since no one gets paid till January 12th 2017.

The news broke at 1am Tuesday morning, a day always anticipated by Mavrodians as Mavro Day, since Mavros grow on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Hence many participants wait till Tuesday morning before asking to Get Help (make withdrawal).

It’s been claimed by participants that the same scenario played out in December 2015, hence they are calm assuring every member that it is not a crash landing.

Yesterday the founder Sergey Mavrodi was alleged to have warned of how much Nigerians will suffer if MMM crashes, while he asks the government not to interfere with its activities. -apprdriod/NL

NDLEA Arrests Three Nigerians With Drugs Worth N4 Billion Hidden Inside Artificial Hair, Largest Confiscation Ever In NDLEA's Record, Drugs Destined For South Africa

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has disclosed that it has intercepted the largest ever quantity of the illicit drug, ephedrine, at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport (MMIA), Lagos.

According to the agency, the record haul had a total weight of 83.390 kilogrammes.

The NDLEA also disclosed that two bags, with one containing heroin and arriving in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, and another bearing cannabis, being exported to London, were abandoned at the same airport by traffickers.

A statement by the NDLEA spokesman, Mr. Mitchell Ofoyeju, said the seized ephedrine has a street value of N4 billion.

The anti-narcotics agency equally disclosed the substance was concealed in artificial female hair by a suspected drug trafficking syndicate and was headed to South Africa.

The statement gave the names of the suspects as Unegbu Daniel Chukwu, 42; Ettah Joseph, 28; and Wopara Bright, 31.

The NDLEA spokesman added that that the agency’s counter-narcotic measures at the airport will intensify on a daily basis.

Also commenting on the seizures, the Chief Executive Officer of the NDLEA, Colonel Muhammad Mustapha Abdallah (retd.), explained that the ephedrine was intercepted at the departure hall during outward screening of a South African Airways flight to Johannesburg, South Africa.

He added that three suspects, including luggage handlers and a clearing agent, are currently being interrogated in connection with the crime.

Colonel Abdallah warned that the agency will frustrate attempts by criminal syndicates to sully the country’s image.

“Anti-narcotic agents have been placed on the alert and will remain vigilant in detecting any act of sabotage. The case is under investigation and anyone found wanting shall be prosecuted in line with the NDLEA Act,” he said.

Preliminary investigation, said the NDLEA, revealed that Unegbu Daniel, an indigene of Anambra State working as a clearing agent, collected the luggage from his client and took it to the airport.

Two luggage handlers, who allegedly worked with him, were identified as Ettah Joseph from Cross River State and Wopara Bright from Rivers State.

The cases, explained the NDLEA, are under investigation aimed at uncovering the cartel behind the illegal shipment. -SR

Buhari To Fly To The Gambia Tomorrow In A Bid To Persuade Yahya Jammeh To Step Down After Defeat In Presidential Elections

President Muhammadu Buhari, Liberian leader, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and possibly another African head of state will tomorrow head for Banjul, the capital of the Gambia, to persuade President Yahya Jammeh to abandon any plan to challenge his electoral loss in the country’s presidential election that took place early in December 2016.
Mr. Jammeh, who in 1994 seized power in the impoverished West African country, had earlier conceded his loss in the election, calling the victorious opposition candidate, Adama Barrow, to congratulate him. However, after the electoral commission announced that there was an error in their calculation of votes, showing a narrower margin of victory by Mr. Barrow, President Jammeh addressed Gambians, saying he rejected the results in their entirety. He also demanded a fresh election to be conducted by God-fearing electoral umpires.

Earlier, SaharaReporters had reported that a close aide of President Jammeh told our correspondent that the defeated incumbent had isolated himself and become paranoid about the prospect of being tried and possibly jailed for numerous human rights violations he had committed over the 22 years he has ruled Gambia.

Our source stated that some Gambians, including confidants of Mr. Jammeh, had appealed to President Buhari, who is extremely close to him to the Gambian ruler, to intervene in order to avert a violent turn in the small West African country.

A source in Abuja told SaharaReporters that President Buhari had initially entertained the idea of sending Governor Nasir El Rufai of Kaduna State to talk to Mr. Jammeh’s emissaries in Dakar, Senegal. However, Mr. El Rufai, who was part of the National Democratic Institute (NDI) delegation that observed last week’s election in Ghana, could not make it to Dakar on time.

Our source said President Buhari plans to meet both the opposition leaders and Mr. Jammeh to broker an outcome that would see Mr. Jammeh agreeing to the outcome of the election in exchange for substantial amnesty for himself and military officers involved in vast human rights violations in the Gambia.

A former military officer, Mr. Jammeh is reportedly interested in receiving assurances that, wherever he decides to settle once out of power, he would not be subjected to a Charles Taylor-like treatment. Former Liberian ruler, Taylor, who was granted asylum in Nigeria, was eventually handed over to legal authorities at the International Criminal Court at The Hague. Mr. Taylor was convicted of grave human rights abuses and sentenced to a long term in jail.

SaharaReporters learned that an advance party of Nigerian officials led by Mr. Buhari’s National Security Adviser would be on the ground in the Gambia before Mr. Buhari’s arrival tomorrow. -SR

Environment Minister Amina Muhammed Set To Leave Buhari’s Government Early Next Year

President Muhammadu Buhari may soon carry out a minor cabinet shake-up with the imminent exit of the Minister of Environment, Amina Mohammed, from his administration, THE PUNCH has learnt.

Our correspondent however learnt on Sunday that the exercise might not be carried out until early next year when Mohammed is expected to leave.

The Secretary-General-elect of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, was said to have appointed the minister as his Deputy.


A government source told our correspondent that Mohammed had already made the development known to Buhari and some of her colleagues.

“For her, she would have loved to stay back and continue to serve this administration but this new appointment is a big one and is also good for her. Unfortunately for us, she has to leave in January,” the source said.

Mohammed who represents Gombe State in the cabinet acted as the Senior Special Assistant to the President of Nigeria on the Millennium Development Goals after serving three presidents over a period of six years.

In 2005, she was charged with the coordination of Nigeria’s debt relief funds toward the achievement of the MDGs.

From 2002-2005, Mohammed coordinated the Task Force on Gender and Education for the UN Millennium Project.

By the time she will be leaving the cabinet in January, the number of vacant positions in the cabinet would have risen to two.

Since the March 6 death of a former Minister of State, Labour and Employment, Mr. James Ocholi (SAN), Buhari has yet to name a replacement for the politician.

The situation is already causing agitation among groups and individuals from Kogi State where the deceased hailed from.

Ocholi died alongside his wife and son in an auto crash that occurred on March 6 on the Abuja-Kaduna Expressway.

Since his death, Kogi State has remained without a representative in the Federal Executive Council.

This is contrary to the provision of the Constitution that stipulates that all the 36 states of the federation must be represented in the cabinet.

The Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, on Sunday said Mohammed remained a minister.

Shehu said any development on the matter would be formally conveyed to Nigerians.

“There is a lot of exuberance on the Internet concerning a UN job for Mrs. Amina Mohammed. She remains our Minister of Environment.

“If there is anything on this that is released officially, we will let Nigerians know. I’m pleased to know that she enjoys so much goodwill,” the presidential spokesman wrote on his Facebook page on Sunday. -PUNCH

My Father Is A Pastor Who Owns His Own Church, Signing On Breasts Of Female Fans Is Not A Big Deal Says Music Star Lil Kesh

Keshinro Ololade, aka Lil Kesh, speaks about his career, relationship with Olamide and his new record label

Was it your childhood dream to become a music artiste?

I have pretty much been around music all my life, and the love for music has gotten me this far. My dad is a pastor and he owns a church. However, it’s not like I made a conscious decision to become an artiste; it grew on me untill I knew this was what I wanted to do.


What was your dad’s reaction to your decision to become an artiste?

My dad was cool with it. He lets you do whatever you want to do. He feels that whatever his life story is doesn’t have to affect the way his children live their lives. According to what he used to tell me, everybody must live his or her individual stories. He watched me grow from being part of the choir, learning to play drums, and attending music shows. Till now, he gives me all the necessary support and respects my decisions.

Considering that your dad is a pastor, isn’t he bothered by your vulgar lyrics?

Those vulgar songs are basically about me doing my job and he doesn’t interfere. Besides, not all my songs are vulgar. I have recorded songs like Ishe, Semilore and others. However, the ones that go viral are the ones with vulgar lyrics. I understand my markets, and I know the demography I’m directing my music to, which is the youth and adults. I’m a blunt entertainer, but I consider my fans, and always try to give them what they want. But this year, I decided that I’ll feed my fans with more meaningful songs that will inspire them.

What inspires you to write such vulgar songs?

Most of those songs were not written; we just go into the studio and ‘vibe.’ However, my environment inspires me and it’s not like I deliberately try to be vulgar.

Beyond the stage persona, who is Keshinro Ololade as a person?

I have a dual personality in the sense that I could go into the studio and come up with crazy songs that would entertain people. I could also be home alone relaxing, and listening to soft and mid-tempo songs. Listening to my songs, some people may think I’m a loud and local boy, but they’re usually surprised when they meet me and see that I’m calm and cool-headed. I’m not that outgoing, except if I have to attend events.

What’s your educational background?

I went to a number of primary schools, all in Lagos. I also attended secondary school in Lagos before proceeding to the University of Lagos to study Linguistics. However, I had to defer my admission because of my hectic schedule. Right now, I’ve enrolled at the National Open University, where I’m studying Mass Communication.

Some people believe you came out of nowhere to rise to the top in the music industry. Can you share some of your struggles?

I have always been a hustler. I started my career by attending several talent hunt competitions, and I won some of them which made me quite popular in school. At a point, I was always hanging around studios because I had no money to record songs.

How did you meet Olamide?

I recorded a song titled Lyrical in late 2013, and Olamide heard it sometime in 2014. Apparently, he loved it, and he said he wanted to meet me. When I met Olamide, he had a contract ready for me, and that was how my career kick-started. I was blessed enough to record a hit song within months, and my career has been growing ever since. I have always seen Olamide as a king, and I even respect him more now.

How would you describe Olamide as a boss?

Despite the fame and fortune around him, Olamide is just like the guy next door. He is easy-going and down-to-earth. He is friendly with everyone and he could eat from the same plate with you without airs and graces.

Was it really your label mate, Viktoh, who introduced you to Olamide?

Yes. Viktoh is a friend to Olamide’s younger brother, DJ Enimoney, and he had known Olamide for about five years before I came into the picture. We used to meet at some talent hunt competitions, and he was the one that played my song, Lyrical, to Olamide. He actually signed both of us on the same day.

It was reported that there’s bad blood between you and Viktoh?

That’s just the figment of some people’s imaginations. VIktoh will always be my brother. We all have our different times to shine.

Let’s talk about Shoki…

I think Shoki is my biggest song to date. It became popular barely weeks after it was released. Initially, I was in denial because I didn’t know the song was that big. At some point, people like American singer, Missy Elliot, uploaded a video of herself dancing to Shoki. To be honest, it put pressure on me, because it was almost bigger than Lil Kesh, the brand.

Your style of music is similar to Olamide’s. Wasn’t he afraid of you overshadowing him?

No, there’s no competition between us. Olamide built the YBNL family in a way that we all love one another. Even if he is meant to release a song, and one of his artistes also wants to release a song, he would defer his to allow his artiste’s song to be put out. Besides, I won’t say I decided to do music like Olamide; it came naturally to me. We’re both from Bariga, and we have the same musical influences. YBNL has a sound of its own; it is not an Olamide sound, or a Lil Kesh sound.

Do you feel you know enough about the music industry to float your own record label?

Olamide brought us up to know every single detail about the music business. There weren’t many protocols, and he made me know all the industry contacts needed for distribution, promotion, PR and basically all parts of the business. He didn’t treat me like an artiste, but as a brother. Anyway, my label, YAGI is directly under YBNL. Olamide still handles the business for me. I’m just responsible for myself financially, but anytime I want to drop a new single or video, Olamide knows about it. YBNL is still Lil Kesh’s management, and the idea of floating a new label was a joint decision.

When will you be signing your own artistes?

It might not be anytime soon, but we’re definitely going to do that. When I feel mentally and financially ready, I will cross that bridge. Right now, there’s still a lot of work to be done on Lil Kesh.

Do you still visit Bariga where you grew up?

No, I don’t.

Why is it so?

It’s called the hood for a reason, and I have to consider a lot of things before going. I’m like a king in Bariga, and a lot of people love me there. If I’m to go there, it has to be a grand entry with security in place because a lot of people would definitely troop out to the streets. Besides, my family does not stay there anymore. I have relocated them to a better neighborhood.

You have found fame and fortune at an early age. How have you been able to manage it?

I always say I may be 22 years old biologically, but in my head, I’m older than that. Age is not maturity. It is your experience that makes you, and I have seen a lot. From being in the ghetto to living a better life; these things have built me.

Let’s talk a bit about the Headies. Did you feel robbed that you didn’t get the Next Rated Award?

I have put that behind me as it isn’t relevant to my career. As far as I’m concerned, my award is living a good life. Awards don’t determine which artiste is the best. So far you are nominated for an award, you are a winner already.

You have also been nominated for this year’s Headies. Will you be motivating your fans to vote for you?

It’s not just about me and how I feel about these things, it’s about my fans. They supported my music this year, and that’s why the album got nominated. I’m going to post about the award on social media, and appeal to my fans for support.

Can you recall the most awesome part of your career?

Anytime I step on stage and thousands of people are screaming my name.

What’s the craziest experience you have had with a fan?

There was a time I was on Lagos Island, and some street boys stopped all the cars on the road, saying nobody should move until they had all taken pictures with me. It was crazy on that day as their action caused massive traffic build-up.

Has any female fan ever asked you to sign on her boobs?

Those things happen and I don’t even consider them as crazy anymore; it’s a normal thing. -PUNCH

We May Ban Use Of Hijab Because Madagali Blast Suicide Bombers Wore Hijabs Says Adamawa Government

Adamawa Government is considering temporary review of the use of hijab in security prone areas as part of measures to contain suicide bombers.

The state Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Mallam Ahmad Sajoh, announced this on Sunday in Yola.

He was addressing newsmen on the outcome of an emergency security meeting over the Friday’s twin bomb blasts in Madagali market that led to many deaths and injuries.

Sajoh said Gov. Muhammadu Bindow would meet with members of Adamawa Muslim Council and other stakeholders to discuss the possibility of taking that temporary measure, adding that those that carried out the Madagali suicide attack were in hijab.


Sajoh said the meeting also underscored the need for people to be more vigilant during this festive period in places like markets, motor parks, churches and mosques.

“We also resolved in the meeting, based on security recommendations, to assist members of vigilance groups in the areas in view of their contribution to security agencies.

“We also want to appeal to the media on sensational reporting and the need to verify their facts before reporting.

“The media need to know that the terrorists are banking on such sensational reports.”

The commissioner said victims of the attack were responding to treatment in Michika General Hospital and the governor had directed all health personnel in neigbouring Hong and Mubi local governments to move to the affected area.

“The state emergency management agency has also been directed to give urgent support to victims and relations of victims,” he said. -PUNCH

Two Nigerians, Two Chinese Arrested For Operating Fake Embassy In Lagos, Nigerians Duped Millions For Fake Visas

The Lagos State Police Command says it has discovered a fake embassy operating in Lagos where many innocent members of the public had allegedly been defrauded.

It was gathered that policemen attached to the Rapid Response Squad (RRS) had swooped on the ‘embassy’ and arrested two Chinese and two Nigerians.

PUNCH Metro learnt that the fake embassy was located at Golden Point and Suite on Duduyemi Street in Ejigbo, Lagos.

The RRS said the Chinese – Liu Honyang, 47; and Sun Xinai, 49 – and their Nigerian collaborators – Oriyomi Olawale, 47 and Desmond Chinedu, 25 – had been swindling Nigerians who had planned to travel out of the country.

It was learnt that the suspects issued mainly Trinidad and Tobago’s visas.

The RRS said the Trinidad and Tobago embassy in the country had confirmed the visas to be fakes, while disowning the two Chinese.

A RRS source told our correspondent that the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Fatai Owoseni, directed the squad to act on the intelligence reports received from some victims of the ‘embassy.’

He said, “Some RRS policemen had lodged in the hotel for nine days, watching and monitoring the activities of the suspects before their eventual arrest.”

Some people, who claimed to be victims of the fraud, stormed the RRS headquarters on Sunday to write their statements against the suspects.

One of the victims, Adekunle Adefuye, said he met them through one of their agents, one Dorcas Slyver.

He said, “She is a daughter to my brother’s pastor in Abeokuta, Ogun State. I told her about my intention and zeal to travel to the United States. She told me to come to Lagos that she could procure the American visa for me.

“On getting to Lagos, she took me to the Chinese and I was advised to travel to Trinidad and Tobago. They said I would secure employment with at least $3,000 salary.

“I paid a total sum of N1.3m in installment for the process, including visa processing and flight fare.”

He said he was arrested immediately he got to Trinidad and Tobago on October 19, 2016, by the country’s immigration officers for coming into the country with a fake visa.

“I was arrested with another Nigerian. We spent two days with the police. They treated us like criminals trying to enter the country illegally. We were deported on October 22, 2016, and arrived in Nigeria the following day,” he added.

Another victim, Rasheed Ololade, said he paid N1.3m.

“I was fortunate to escape being jailed in Trinidad and Tobago for coming into the country with fake documents.

“They beat me up and starved me for two days. I was lucky to have been deported,” he added.

Another victim, Friday Owah, said he just paid N600,000 before the arrest.

He said, “I was introduced to them by one man, Mr. Oscar. They promised to secure the visa for me within two weeks.”

Another victim, Lukmon Odeyemi, who claimed to be a footballer, said he parted with N125,000.

But Sun Xinai, the main suspect, said she was unaware that a stamped visa for Trinidad and Tobago was no longer tenable in the country.

However, a response to a letter written by the RRS to the High Commission of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, dated December 7, 2016, read in part, “…the mission can categorically confirm that the individual Sun Xinai, who is claiming to be an agent of this mission, is unknown to us.

“Furthermore, this mission does not use the services of an agent in any capacity whatsoever and has never done so in the past either.

“With regard to the authenticity of the attached visas, the mission can also categorically confirm that those visas were not issued at this High Commission and are clearly fraudulent.”

The letter was signed by one Garth Lamsee, the acting High Commissioner.

The state Police Public Relations Officer, SP Dolapo Badmos, said the police had launched a manhunt for other agents of the fake embassy.

“Members of the public should be wary of visa agents. Anyone who wishes to travel out of the country should direct their applications to the embassies,” she added.

She said the suspects had been transferred to the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, Yaba,for further investigation. -PUNCH