MMM Nigeria Is Gone, See The Moving Note This Nigerian Wrote To All MMM Participants aka Mavrodians

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Anebi Matthew took to his page and wrote:
MMM Nigeria is gone!!!
Before you come for my head, take this random survey and do the maths yourself!
Ask any participant the first thing they’ll do if by chance it come back alive in January?
There are two categories of people involved, those that just got help or those that just helped. Those that just got help are rejoicing right now, a serious jubilation, though they might be haunted by those that provided the help with calls. Those that just helped are now seriously planning on getting help and their money back once its back in January. Meaning, an estimate of over 90% participants will be requesting to get help once they’re back in January.
Now ask yourself, who will provide the help? can you?
The bitter truth is, Nigerians are very calculative and not much people will be willing to take the risk never again. Or maybe they will, if it could survive the first few months. I just wonder how it will when everyone will be very reluctant to pay others.
Then what happens? It crashes the moment it returns.
Another question then is, will it ever return?
The administrators are wise too, they already saw what’s coming, not much participant are joining and a larger percentage of participants are trying to get help for the yuletide season. This will get to a peak when the season finally arrives and crash is imminent. I know a lot of friends that already saw this coming and went on break with the hope of continuing after the festivities are over and things are still running well. Rather than allow it crash woefully by December 20+, they might have just wittingly packed up.
Maybe you haven’t heard, experts predict famine in Nigeria by January meaning the recession will get really real then.
Sum it all up and you’ll agree with me MMM Nigeria is either gone or coming back to say goodbye.
Congratulations to those that have got a little cash from the scheme, don’t be a fool thinking you’re rich already sha!!!
Congratulations to my group of people that never joined, they’ll still mock us but we should be fine by it, we’ve learnt a lesson or two from them. Moreover, now you’ve got a point to prove over them (?you know now, the _sebi I told you things_, _olohun mu o_)
Congratulations to those that got the Ramos goal by just getting help before this happening.
Congratulations to those that just registered but are yet to make any monetary allegiance.
Well, finally, congratulations also to everyone that might lose a penny or two in the scheme, shit happens. I want to believe you have always been aware of the risk involved tele naa.
A moment of silent for all the thousands that will be going down the drain. Not to worry, they’re not lost, just changed hands. Someone will be feasting with it this Christmas, they’ll pray for you.
??Anebi Matthew

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